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America First

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We USA manufacturer our entire wall repair product line, and will continue to do so.  We are not interested in making a few more dollars by moving our patch line manufacturing over seas.  We appreciate you supporting us with this decision by buying our US made items.


  1. Question: Does the Stress Crack Tape product come in rolls?

Answer: Yes, the Stress Crack Tape product comes in a 50' x 2" roll, and a 100' x 1-1/2" roll.

2. Question: The cracks in my house come back every year when there is a change in the weather. If I use 'Stress Crack Tape' to repair them, will they come back when the weather changes?

 Answer: No, unlike traditional repair methods, our 'Stress Crack Tape' will cover the crack, plus it will allow it to move without disturbing the repair.

3. Question: What is your product guarantee?

Answer: 100% money back, less shipping if not completely satisfied. We do not warranty labor under any circumstances.

4. Question: How easy is it to repair the damage around my outlet, switch, or other wall element?

Answer: Very easy, you simply need to remove the switch, outlet, or other element cover, peel off the Goof Patch, stick it on then paint it. After the paint dries, replace the cover.

5. Question: Will the 'Fast Patch' repair a doorknob hole?

Answer: Yes, 'Fast Patch' comes with a center reinforcement patch, which is designed to be installed under the Fast Patch to help span the doorknob hole. The Fast Patch will make 31 repairs per pack. 

6. Question: I am a retailer, can we order your products for our retail location?

Answer: Yes, simply contact us and we can discuss your needs. We would be happy to set up an account for you, and set up a drop ship program. Call 888-778-4537

7. Question:  How long of a crack can be repaired per pack of the stress crack tape packs?

Answer: Each pack of 'Stress Crack Tape' can repair 13 feet of cracks. There are 16 8-inch strips per pack. The tape is designed to be ran end to end in order to follow irregular cracks.

8. Question: How long of a crack can be repaired with Stress Crack Tape rolls?

Answer: Each roll of 'Stress Crack Tape' can repair the length of cracks nearly equal to the length of the respective roll.  The tape is designed to be ran end to end in order to follow irregular cracks.

9. Question: Can I repair long irregular cracks?

 Answer: Yes, 'Stress Crack Tape' can be ran end to end slightly overlapped. Simply follow the crack.

10. Question: Are the patches manufactured in the United States?

Answer: Yes, our patches are manufactured entirely in the United States.

11. Question: What makes the patches blend in to the wall surface so well?

Answer: Our patented patches are extremely thin and have uneven edges, which with the patches irregular edge help them blend in well.

12. Question: Will the patch and tape product work on plaster?

Answer: Yes, It will work on any wall or ceiling surface.

13. Question:     How strong is the product?

Answer:     Our patches are made of a product that we have patented that is very strong. If you put our 6-inch Fast Patch in your hand and tried to push your thumb through it, you would not be able to.

14. Question:    How strong is the adhesive, will it last?

Answer:   The adhesive is permanent adhesive, it is very sticky, and permanent. Though it is not contact cement, you will be able to re-adjust it if needed. However it is very important that you follow the instructions and wipe down the area to be repaired prior to making the repair.

15. Question: What if I want the repair to be totally undetectable, can this be accomplished?

Answer: Yes, for a Smooth Patch, you would simply need to apply a skim coat of joint compound over the patch, this would be just to fill in the very thin edge of the patch where it meets the wall. You will not need to sand the area; you will be able to paint directly over the repair. "It will not be seen once painted" For a Textured Patch you can simply use a can of spray tex to help blend the patch with the surrounding surface.

16. Are the Bradz Knee Pads washable?

Answer: Yes you can simply hose them down.

17.  What makes Bradz Self-Supporting Knee Pads better than other knee pads?

Answer: It is as simple as our design. Bradz simply offer the user the best and most comfortable knee pads because the back of the knees are open.

18. How comfortable are the Bradz Self-Supporting Knee Pads while wearing shorts?

Answer: Fantastic. The open behind the knee design with the inner layer of neoprene is simply hard to beat.

19. Are the side pocket tool pouches on the Bradz tool specific?

Answer: Not really. You can use them for a variety of tools. 

Sherwin Williams:

You can find our 'Stress Crack Tape' smooth product in the  13' repair packs at your local Sherwin Williams store. It is SW Sales # 972-6605, if you contact your local Sherwin Williams store and mention their item number they will be able to tell you if they currently have it on their shelf. Sherwin Williams can also order you in the Stress Crack Tape 50' roll, just ask for SW# 969-5347 (note Sherwin Store minimum order is 3 rolls). 

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We are a USA manufacturer.  We would certainly appreciate your support.  Your business allows us to keep jobs here in the USA.